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    Canvas world map – large world map canvas with countries

    Were you wondering where to buy a large vintage feel canvas world map that has all the latest countries and cities marked? If you are not a big fan of classic modern colourful maps where each country has its own colour, then look at this elegant map.
    It has an aged smokey colouration as if it was hanging for decades on …

  • World maps

    Double hemisphere map of the world

    Notice the different representation of the world on this double hemisphere map? And detailed hand made roll-up frame?

    The Arctic is not as big as it seems on the more usual Mercator projection maps. Made in 1664 it represents the world as they knew it before Cook first sailed down under. The map includes discoveries of Abel Tasman, so we can …

  • World maps

    Largest world map – one map to rule them all

    How big is this map? It’s huge! The largest world map we have. It is unlikely that you have seen something of this size on canvas before. It spans almost 4 metres in width and easily takes a confident position on a …

  • World maps

    Monster map of the old world

    Dragons and ships roam the oceans! Can you notice all the mythical creatures and ships that are swimming and floating in the sea on this monster map?

    16th century was an exciting time for the sailors. Super dangerous and a lot of uncharted seas. Places marked with sea monsters and dragons are metaphorically showing actual dangers in the area or uncharted …

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    Push Pin Map – Super Large Size Modern World Map

    Would you like a visual track of your travels as you trek through the world?

    This vintage style map of the modern world is a beautiful way to remind you of the wondering places you have been, but also the next destinations in mind. It is ready for purchase, so you can receive it in just a few days to hang …

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    Vintage map of the world – wall map from 19th century

    Treat your house like a palace with this vintage world map! This map is specifically designed to add a bit of royalness to a place where it is displayed. At the ends of the bottom frame, we have added forged rusty steel stylised lilies that are associated with royalty, luxury and power. You can find them in many coats of …

  • World maps

    Wall map of the world – big map with ancient frame

    If you are looking for a huge wall map of the world to match a your feature wall, you came to the right place. This is a giant map, measuring 233cm in width and 147cm in height. We printed it on best-quality cotton canvas in high resolution. It is a current map of the world that has a genuine vintage …